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"I don't have to win it," Trump told "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson. "But I think it would be really good to win Iowa. I'd like to win Iowa....I think we have a good chance of winning Iowa."

This great investigative work was conducted  by Georgia  Bureau of Investigations special agent Rodney Wall shown at left speaking to students at the South Georgia Technical College

This means turnout doesn’t matter. If a precinct is supposed to have five delegates to the county convention, it doesn’t matter if eight people show up to the Democratic caucus or 800. The precinct is still only getting five delegates. (Precincts elect people to the county convention, which elects people to the district convention, which elects people to the state convention.)

Current Democratic Caucus Chairman Joseph Crowley (NY) and Vice Chair Linda T. Sánchez (CA) were elected by their Democratic colleagues in the House for the 115th Congress.

How does any of that matter this year? It's an open question, but we all have a few questions that can't be answered until caucus night. Donald Trump, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and even Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are all claiming that new voters will swarm the caucus sites and break the turnout models. Will they? Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley has run a traditional Iowa campaign, but he's struggled to break out of single digits in the polls. Who will O'Malley's supporters pull for in the second stage of the caucuses?

Gov.-elect Ralph Northam announced Thursday that Atif Qarni, a middle-school civics and economics teacher in Prince William County, will serve as education secretary in the Northam administration.

“They feel like maybe I would take the same kind of attitude at the United States Senate,” Moore said of Senate Republicans. “And maybe I would. Because I stand for what I believe in.”

CAUCUS - going for a lonesome dreamCAUCUS - going for a lonesome dreamCAUCUS - going for a lonesome dreamCAUCUS - going for a lonesome dream